Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Our objective in this section is to simplify your outdoor living environment design, decision and installation process of creatively modifying your yard area so that it really works specifically well for you, your family and your guests.

To do so, while not forgetting the special offers available to you when you do call us, we want to make an attempt to answer most of your questions at this point in order for us to be the most effective for you when you actually make your initial contact.

If we’ve not answered a specific question that you may have, please let us know right away.

Prospective Client FAQ List

1. Why choose Murphy Lawn and Landscape to do the design and installation of the outdoor living space that I envision?

A: Our business history and experience of 28 years doing exactly this kind of work for literally hundreds of satisfied customers. Clients that are very complimentary about us, with many of them that would look forward to talking to you about our company.

2. The testimonials on your website site are terrific, but how do we arrange to speak directly to some of your previous customers?

A: Thanks for your positive comment about our testimonials since past customers of any company are the backbone of their success.
Call us and we’ll provide contact information for one or more of our clients that most closely match your project questions.

3. When you speak about your design abilities, I’m curious about the various activities that are involved ?

A: Phone discussion about your existing home and exterior yard amenities and a general description of the vision you have for your yard. On-site discussion about your vision details, practical dimensional and grading issues and the preparation of an informal initial design. Final design acceptance with our design experience allowing us to save you formal hardcopy design fees on all but the more sizable projects.

4. Can we develop a landscape layout for everything that we want to have eventually, but phase in the installation over time?

A: The simple, straightforward answer is yes, but again it would be an informal sketch design and not expensive, formal drawings. Also simply stated, we’re large enough to handle every outdoor need you have but small enough to be flexible and responsive to you. And, we believe that the simple design approach is best from the standpoint of the likelihood of costly plan changes being made over time.

5. Our outdoor living space budget is limited right now, so can we get various item cost estimates from which to select our first project?

A: Here again the answer is yes, but if you want to do more work initially we can pre-approve some financing over a limited time. We are also able to provide suggestions on some recommended sources for longer-term financing.

6. Would your company do lawn and landscape installations without involving patios, walkways or other hard surface project elements?

A: Emphatically, yes, since unlike smaller firms, a large part of our revenues come from turf and landscape management services. This gives us the ability to do most of these services but more importantly, to have had many years of turf and landscape experience.

7. We see numerous larger projects on your site and wonder if ours may be too small for you to get the attention we need?

A: The fact is that the majority of our projects are smaller in nature, i.e., patios, retaining walls, step projects and similar applications. Re-stated but said differently…’we’re capable of handling nearly every project, but remain committed to your personal satisfaction.’

8. What makes your warranty better than other landscape design / contractors that we might consider hiring?

A: Again simply, our 28 years of being in business in the same basic location and standing behind everything we do for our clients. And, not to make light of what can be difficult for people with ‘other’ warranties, but “Our warranty doesn’t disappear with our taillights..!”

9. You have a large number of photos of your landscaping projects on your website, but are there more from which to get ideas?

A: We did not photograph most projects we performed until about ten years ago, so photos for these project are not available. As a result, we have utilized photos from some of our material suppliers that are indicative of the early projects which we completed. Also, we are not professional photographers and some current project photos have not been used but are certainly available to view. Finally, for design and material ideas, we have access to thousands of independent photos that we can use for this purpose.

10. What’s our next step in moving our project process along?

A: We welcome you to read our various landscape project website pages to get as much information you might want at this point. In your website review, go to our Special Offers page and find the landscape articles links that you wish to use for ideas. Then simply call our owner, Pat Murphy us to arrange a personal appointment – that day if it’s at all possible for both parties. And, at the same time, just ask Pat to order your free selection of the appropriate Landscape GuideBook for your specific project.

We would be pleased to have you contact us to ask any other questions that you might have about us – or the specific services in which you have interest.