Front Yards and Entries

Front Yards and Entries

In a more culturally welcoming time, the front porch and front yard formed the focal point for evening social interaction, but beginning in the 1940’s the emphasis became centered on the back yard.

The back yard was always the center of more private, family events but as time moved along the front yard lost its social interaction allure and the back yard became the personal and guest entertainment focus of the residents of most homes.

Fortunately, in our current life and times the front yard is making a significant turnaround in many communities and, if not the focal point of social activities, the front entrance has become more inviting and welcoming.

This has occurred through the use of hardscape applications such as patios, paver driveways, steps, walkways and retaining walls along with well landscaped walkway borders and widened areas for benches and other features.

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