Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are used in home landscaping designs as a blockade as well as for yard décor. They are usually used to hold back soil in uneven landscapes, but they can be used for many different outdoor projects including fencing, gardens, and fire pits.

Layouts with retaining walls are great for ’do it yourself’ garden design ideas with wall blocks to contain plants and soil in your flowerbed or garden. In addition, wall blocks are excellent for fencing in yards that are on uneven terrain.

They can be built at the bottom of the hill to provide a barrier between the flat yard and slope of the landscape, and for free-standing planter areas.

Moreover, building a fire pit with retaining wall blocks is a great way to provide a safe and most enjoyable addition to your back yard, thereby allowing you to roast a few marshmallows in the summer or enjoy the cozy warmth of a fire in the fall.

Retaining walls follow patios in creating more visual and practical outdoor space, and we’re very experienced with their design and installation.